Thursday, October 23, 2014

Using local herbs as insecticides

I am staying on a 1-acre farm and growing fruits, flowers, vegetables and spices for my own use. When I started, I had to use very large quantities of insecticides. However, I soon noticed that insects don't attack some plants, such as neem, gajar ghas, ipomoea, custard apple etc. So, I decided to take leaves of all such plants, crush them, soak them in water for some time and use the filtered extract as spray on my plants. I soon discovered that this was very effective way of controlling insects, so much so that I no longer keep any insecticide with me and only very occasionally buy the minimum quantity of an insecticide for use against insects that don't yield to my mixture. This not only saves me money  but also guards against ingestion of harmful insecticidal residues.

I wish the Agricultural Colleges would take up research on the insecticidal properties of  these plants which grow as weeds in most fields and inform the farmers how to make use of them  and thereby save a lot of money for the farmers and save the general public from harmful effects of residual

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Rambler said...

Sir, In Kerala use of Neem Oil and Tobacco mixture for pesticide purposes is very popular. Even I have a small farm near Sohna in Gurgaon and was seriously consiring getting some know-how of this topic from Kerala. Your blog post inspires me and I would be happy to share the info with you.